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Ever thought of traveling to your grandfather’s childhood home and bringing that experience back to him? Or, capturing a special moment in your life for loved ones who couldn’t be there?

What’s a special memory you want to capture to relive or share with those you love? Why is it important to you? Tell us a bit more about your idea by filling out this form. We’ll work with selected winners to bring the ideas to life in VR180.

Applications close Feb 16, 2018.

Overview of contest

Winning entries will be selected based on factors like uniqueness of story and how inspiring the story may be.

Each winner will participate on location and be featured in the filming of their story produced by Google.

Contest is open to US residents over the age of 18.

Rules and regulations

What is VR180?

Photos and videos are great because they help us capture moments, but what if we could relive them too? That’s the idea behind VR180 the format type, especially when you view your footage in a virtual reality headset.

VR180 cameras are for life’s most special moments. They allow you to take crisp, three-dimensional immersive photos & videos so you can relive them, like going back in a time machine, with a remarkable sense of presence.

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