Jump Start

Eligibility & Requirements


Eligible applicants

Google will review the applications submitted and in its sole discretion determine an applicant’s eligibility for the Jump Start program. Only persons submitting an application on their own behalf or on the behalf of an organization for which they have authority to submit an application will be considered.

Ineligible applicants

Persons who are (a) residents of US embargoed countries, (b) ordinarily reside in US embargoed countries, (c) otherwise prohibited by applicable export controls and sanctions programs, (d) or under the age of 18 may not participate in this program

Application to the Jump Start program

Application period

Your application to the Jump Start program must be received on or before the submissions deadline date. Recipients will be notified 2 weeks after the submissions


By applying to the Jump Start program, you consent to:

  • Google’s use of the information you provide in your application to manage and operate the Jump Start program, including maintaining your contact information for a reasonable period of time after your loan term is complete, as set forth in the Google Privacy Policy;
  • Google’s use of the information you provide to Google in your application, and Google's use of your program materials, including in promotional or marketing materials about the Jump Start program.
  • Receiving emails from Google about the Jump Start program at the email address you provide.

Contact information

Your application to the Jump Start program must include your current contact information. If your contact information changes after you have submitted your application, you must provide Google with your updated information in order to remain eligible for the Jump Start program.

Number of cameras & equipment provided

  • Your loan application is for a single camera.
  • You may request to borrow more than 1 camera in your application, subject to Google’s discretion.
  • Equipment kit provided:
    • 1 Pelican case
    • 1 GoPro Odyssey rig
    • Hypercine battery
    • 16 32GB microSD cards- one for every camera (this is around 66 min of footage at 2.7K 30p)
    • 2 spare GoPro Hero4 Black
    • 1 Zoom H2n audio recorder
    • GoPro accessories
    • Flat head screwdriver
    • Lexar HR2 high-speed Thunderbolt card reader equipped with 3 Lexar Professional Workflow UR2

Logistics and shipping

  • You will provide a shipping address that’s either a business or personal residence in your application. You must be authorized to receive mail at this address and it must be located in the country listed in your application.
  • You must follow Google’s instructions to receive and return the camera.
  • Google will pay for all shipping costs between you and Google if you comply with Google’s instructions.

False information

If you provide false information in your application, Google may terminate your participation in the Jump Start program and, if applicable, take other actions such as terminating your Google account.

Additional terms

If you are selected to participate in the Jump Start program, you will be provided with and required to accept the Google VR Camera Loan and Content License Agreement terms. You are required to upload all published content from the Jump Start program to YouTube.