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About Jump Start

The Jump Start program connects filmmakers with the resources they need to create virtual reality films. Creators get access to a Jump virtual reality camera and unlimited stitching with the Jump Assembler.

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Jenn Duong

Jenn Duong of 1215creative directed a VR music video with the musician Banks to bring her fans into an intimate deep dive of her music, aesthetic, and poetry. Jump enabled Jenn to bring the project to life in 3D-360 video. Plus the combination of camera and automated stitching led to explorations that helped Jenn push the creative in new directions.

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Anthony Bonello

Anthony Bonello wanted to take viewers into the experience of staying in a remote cabin in the wilds of the backcountry. Access to Jump and unlimited stitching gave him the freedom of being able to focus on the creation and imagining of scenes that really take viewers into the experience rather than worrying about the post-production process.

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About Jump

Jump is Google's professional VR video solution. Jump makes 3D-360 video production at scale possible with best-in-class automated stitching.

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