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About Jump

Jump is Google's professional VR video solution. Jump makes 3D-360 video production at scale possible with best-in-class automated stitching. Jump cameras are designed to work with the Jump Assembler to enable seamless VR video production.

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Jump Assembler

Jump cameras are built for automated stitching. Precise geometry, advanced computer vision, and a whole lot of computing power creates 3D-360 videos.

Seamless 360 Video

Jump Assembler stitches beautiful, seamless panoramas. Exposure control and tone mapping makes sure it feels like one video.

3D in every direction

Jump creates 3D-360 videos that allow you to perceive depth in every direction. Stereo ensures that near things look near, far things look far.

High Resolution + Depth

Assembled videos are high resolution and come with depth data, ready to go for edits and visual effects.



YI HALO is the next generation Jump camera. With long battery life, live preview via mobile app, plus an up camera, the YI HALO allows you to capture even more of the world in VR.

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GoPro Odyssey

Using 16 synchronized GoPro Hero4 cameras, the GoPro Odyssey makes VR capture easy. It can capture VR videos and photos, and includes features like shared settings and frame-level synchronization.

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Jump Start

The Jump Start program connects filmmakers with the resources needed to create virtual reality films. Creators can get free access to a Jump camera and unlimited stitching through the Jump Assembler.

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YouTube + Jump

Experience immersive VR videos made with Jump in YouTube. Watch from anywhere with Daydream View or Cardboard.

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