Experience things as if you were actually there.
Capture the world in VR video

Jump camera rig

The Jump camera rig consists of 16 camera modules in a circular array. The size of the rig and the arrangement of the cameras are optimised to work with the Jump assembler.

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Jump assembler

Advanced computer vision and a whole lot of computing power to transform 16 pieces of video into stereoscopic VR video.

3D in every direction

Jump assembles 360 videos that allow you to experience a scene in every direction. Perfect stereo ensures that things close to you look close and faraway things look far away.

Perfect 360 video

Our 3D alignment approach creates a beautiful, seamless panorama, so you won't see borders where cameras are spliced together.

High resolution

Assembled 3D videos are super-high resolution – the equivalent of five 4K TVs playing at the same time.

YouTube + Jump

Experience immersive VR videos captured with Jump on the YouTube app for Android.

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GoPro Odyssey

GoPro Odyssey, ready for Jump, uses HERO4 camera modules and allows all 16 cameras to act as one. It makes camera syncing easy and includes features like shared settings and frame-level synchronisation.

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