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Daydream brand guidelines

All of our brand features are protected by applicable trademark, copyright and other intellectual property laws.

Daydream in product names

Don’t include the Daydream mark or anything confusingly similar to the Daydream mark in the name of your products, services or apps.

Daydream in text

Developers of Daydream apps are welcome to let others know that their app has been developed for the Daydream platform by referencing the Daydream mark in text (e.g. '[App Name] is available on the Daydream platform', '[App Name] is compatible with the Daydream platform'). 'Daydream' should always be capitalised.

Daydream logo

The Daydream logo may not be used without approval from Google.

Daydream-ready badge

Use of the 'Daydream-ready' badge and language is reserved for phones and hardware products that have gone through Google’s certification process. Usage without certification is prohibited.

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