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It’s estimated that around 35% of harvested fish and seafood is lost or wasted somewhere between when it’s caught and when it appears on your plate. As part of the Daydream Impact program, the World Wildlife Fund and Condition One brought this journey to life through a virtual reality documentary showing how fish get from Ocean to Plate. Short of actually being on a fishing boat or in a processing plant, there’s no better way to understand the fishing industry supply chain and its impact on our oceans.

About the Partner

The World Wide Fund for Nature is an international non-governmental organization working in the field of the wilderness preservation, and the reduction of human impact on the environment. Condition One is a virtual reality production and technology studio delivering advanced, stereoscopic VR experiences that evoke empathy and drive social change.

“The issue of food waste was one we were eager to tackle. With WWF as our partner, we identified the issue of waste within the seafood supply chain. We really wanted to show in a visceral way all of the labor, resources and steps required to bring seafood from the oceans to our plates, only to have a third of the supply wasted along the way.”

Diana El-Osta - Director of Production at Condition One
How we did it

How we did it

  • Ocean to Plate brings you along a commercial fishing supply chain to show the process and highlight where waste occurs, the piece was shot in 3D 360 with the YI HALO VR camera and Google’s Jump technology.

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