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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Daydream Impact?

    Daydream Impact is a new philanthropy program that gives changemakers the inspiration, guidance and tools to improve reality using VR and AR. These experiences can be a powerful way to engage, learn and connect with others and we want to enable any nonprofit to create and share these experiences.

    The Daydream Impact program includes:
    1. A VR & 360 video production training available on Coursera
    2. VR equipment loans: Apply to receive a VR equipment kit for 6 months, composed of a GoPro Odyssey rig, access to free unlimited stitching via Jump Assembler, an Expeditions kit, and a Daydream View and Pixel phone
    3. Featured projects : Learn about how other change-makers have leveraged VR and AR in impactful and measurable ways
  • Is this a two step program? Do I have to take the online certification?

    Anyone is eligible to complete the VR Video course and certification. In order to be eligible for the hardware loan program, you must complete the VR Video course and corresponding certification, or show proof that you are partnered with a VR production company.
  • Who can participate in the Daydream Impact program?

    The Daydream Impact program is open to NGOs and changemakers who want to make compelling, immersive content to support their cause. Any individual is eligible to take the free 360 video training, participants will need to apply for hardware loans.
  • What’s the selection criteria for Daydream Impact hardware loans?

    Our evaluation and decision to work with various partners depends on the following criteria:

    • Measurability of the impact : What change are you looking to drive through this experience and how will you measure it?
    • Feasibility : can you accomplish your project with the resources you have?
    • Fit for the VR medium : Does your project make sense in VR?
    • Certificate completion : If you are not able to complete the certificate, please ensure that you are partnered with a VR production partner
  • Is there a particular level of experience that Google looks for in selecting projects?

    While the Daydream Impact does not require a level experience, we do require that applicants complete the VR / 360 Filmmaking training and corresponding certification.
  • When will I find out whether I have been accepted into the program?

    Applications for this round of Daydream Impact are open year-round. Applicants are selected every 6 months, with the next group hearing from the Daydream Impact team in August.
  • What does the curriculum cover?

    The VR Video training walks NGOs and individuals through how to create a compelling VR / 360 video. It begins by outlining the basic hardware requirements and pre-production checklists and offers organizations tips for optimizing the VR video shoot and best practices from other creators. The training also covers all the post-production work required to create the video and concludes with best practices on how to publish and promote the video.
  • Where can I learn about AR?

    ARCore brings augmented reality capabilities to Android devices and you can learn more about Google’s investment in AR here:
  • What kind of equipment will I be loaned?

    Selected participants will be loaned a GoPro Odyssey rig, a Google Expeditions kit (including 15 phones), a Daydream View and Google Pixel to showcase their content, as well as access to Jump Assembler for their project capture.
  • Do I have to pay for shipping?

    Google will cover the cost of shipping for selected Daydream Impact participants, to and from your provided address.
  • Can I keep my kit longer than the given deadline?

    Daydream Impact loans are limited to the period for which you have applied. Should you wish to have a kit for longer, please re-apply.
  • Do I have to pay for stitching?

    Stitching is free with the Daydream Impact program.
  • If I filmed with a Jump rig through the Daydream Impact program, am I allowed to post on non-Google platforms?

    You are allowed to post on non-Google platforms, as long as your content is also posted on a Google platform (Daydream or YouTube).

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