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Bagan - Discover a Site at Risk

The ancient city of Bagan was once home to over 3,000 Buddhist temples, stupas, and monasteries. Many of these structures have been damaged or destroyed by the earthquakes that rock the region. -- Digital conservation is helping the local community to restore some of the most damanged temple. Using drone imagery, photogrammetry, laser scanning and 360 video, we're preserving a lasting legacy for Bagan.

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About the Partner

"CyArk's mission to use new technologies to create a free, 3D online library of the world's cultural heritage sites before they are lost to natural disasters, destroyed by human aggression or ravaged by the passage of time."

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"Virtual Reality allows us for the first time to share our data of cultural heritage sites in truly immersive experiences that convey the power of these places, transporting users that may never have a chance to experience them and inspiring others to make the journey."

Elizabeth Lee - Managing Director, CyArk

How we did it

  • Drone, photogrammetry, LiDAR Scanner, Jump Camera, Gigapan, DSLR, PhaseOne Camera

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