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VR Action Lab

Harmony Labs partnered with Daydream Impact to help teach anti-bullying and activate young people as upstanders. With the help of award-winning media makers, young people, practitioners and more, they produced three VR experiences and piloted them in schools.

About the Partners

Harmony Labs is developing the capacity to understand information systems at scale and experiment with media to support an open, inclusive, resilient society. For the VR Action Lab, Harmony brought together Screenwriters Colony, Sensorium Works, and Institute of Play with young people, university researchers, and middle-school practitioners across four states.

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Bullying has found a worthy foe in virtual reality. In VR, we can influence not only how we think, but also how we act, sparking new kinds of learning, discussion and transformation in students and adults.

Adaora Udoji - Maker, VR action Lab

Equipment Used

  • 3 GoPro Odyssey cameras & Jump assembler
    Daydream View & Pixel phones

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